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PRESENTING AQUAVOYAGE - where imagination & water collide

After 35 years of teaching children to swim and writing programs, it is with great pleasure that we introduce our newest initiative to help children get safer faster - AQUAVOYAGE.

AQUAVOYAGE is an innovative, NEW program that promotes CHILD-LED PLAY. Developed by award winning Swimming Educator and Little Snappers Program Director Christine Dellit. A wonderful EXTRA to your existing swimming lessons that will see your child’s learning curve advance incredibly. But can be joined without formal lessons.

The program allows you to spend time playing, talking, listening and assisting your child to develop not only safety and swimming skills but skills that help your child go from being dependent to independent and assist their on land skills at the same time.

Play is fun for your child and gives them an opportunity to explore, observe, experiment, problem solve and learn from their mistakes Balancing, Jumping, Spinning, Swinging, Running, Hopping, Ducking, Hanging, Holding, Floating, Squirting, Raining, Sorting, Exploring, Sliding, Painting and the list goes on!!!

Join in this unique journey of exploration and discovery.

AND to CELEBRATE, we are offering a Free Open Day to experience AQUAVOYAGE on Monday 9 January 2016. Bookings essential.

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