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we have an open book, open door policy.

if you don't find what you need below, feel free to message us.

Are your swim schools open year round?

Yes! We operate on a perpetual schedule year round. We close for roughly 2 weeks over Christmas. We know your school age children love having activities during school holidays and we want to ensure their skills are maintained over this period. If your family is going away, no problem! Just login to our Customer Portal to record your future absences and be eligible for make up lessons.

What is your payment schedule & options?

We bill you monthly in advance. You can pay contactless through the customer portal via direct debit or credit/debit card. Our customers find a monthly billing cycle is much easier to manage in the family budget. 

When does my booking end?

You let us know when you would like to leave the program. We just require 2 weeks notice and we will prorate and refund any credits you have.

How do I access the Customer Portal?

You can search iClass Pro in the App Store and download the app. Or visit their website You will need to know the Organisation Name of the swim school you attend. Please see the list below for names

LITTLE SNAPPERS RIVERWAY - ENTER "littlesnappersriverway"

LITTLE SNAPPERS NORTHSIDE - ENTER "littlesnappersnorthside"


If you are an existing client an account has already been made for you under the email address supplied at signup. You will need to create a password by clicking "FORGOT PASSWORD"


What qualifications do Little Snappers Instructors hold?

All Little Snappers swimming teachers and coaches are required to attain a nationally recognised teaching qualification from either Swim Australia or Austswim. Our program director is an award winning Swim Australia course facilitator. In addition, Little Snappers requires all staff to sit the Little Snappers Teaching Certification course, prior to taking their own classes. Requirements are:-

  • Austswim/Swim Australia Teacher of Babies & Toddlers & Strokes

  • 80 Hours of shadow teaching

  • 40 hours of micro teaching

  • 40 hours independent teaching with lead instructor overseeing

  • Online theory training module

  • Practical Test

  • CPR & First Aid Certification


Is your pool heated?

YES! What is the first reason babies often cry in swimming lessons? Because they are cold! There are a number of variables in creating the perfect Learn To Swim environment and water temperature is right at the top of that list. To get the most out of our swimmers, water is heated to the most comfortable level for every swimmer in the pool.


Is swimming more than once a week beneficial?

Absolutely! The more a skill is practiced, the faster you will attain that skill. It has been proven over 35 years in the industry that it vastly accelerates the learning process. Look at it like this – Ever tried to learn Guitar or a new language practicing once a week for 30 minutes? Well, you may pick up a new chord or a new word every week, but there are thousands of chords and words! The general rule of thumb in swimming lessons is 2 weeks 4 times the results!


How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?

Swimming lessons should be embraced as part of your life, rather than a once off period.


Think about swimming lessons as a long-term process, rather than an event. To ensure continuous skill development, lessons need to be a regular part of your child’s weekly routine. As children learn, they progress at their own pace and master the skills appropriate for their age. We consider a child to have learned to swim well when they can perform the promotion skills of our Croc Squad – these include swimming 400 metres Freestyle, 200 metres Backstroke, 100 metres Breaststroke, and 50 metres Butterfly, all with correct starts and turns and maintaining good technique over those distances.


Should I continue classes during winter?

Absolutely! Our focus is to create an environment that is consistently comfortable no matter what season it is, giving you the opportunity to stay enrolled 12 months of the year. Children’s skill retention is lost extremely fast if there is not consistent or regular exposure to the practice and upkeep of skills.


Who should I talk to regarding my child’s progress?

Advise administration if you ever have any queries regarding your child’s progress and overall position in the swim school. You will be contacted by our Director of programming who will do their very best to accommodate your needs. At Little Snappers, we go above and beyond to get you a result.


Does Little Snappers Use Floaties?

There is a time and a place for floatation aids. It is imperative that children do not rely on floaties for swimming as they encourage a bad head and body position. Floaties (muscles) are only used when teaching treading water and pop up breathing in the very beginner levels.


How clean is your water?

We aim to have a water turnover of 90 minutes, 3-4 times faster than that of a domestic pool. Each and every pool is automatically tested every two minutes and adjusted accordingly by a computer with a state of the art filtration system. Water is also manually tested 4 – 6 times a day to ensure it is always perfect.


Do I need to supervise my child at the pool?

Always. You are required to stay with your children at all times.


What should I do when my child is ready for promotion from Transition into our Little Snappers Program?

You will be guided every step of the way by the on deck supervisor or instructor. Due to our extensive transition program, this should be a smooth transition for you and your child.


What should I expect on our first day at swimming lessons?

When arriving you must check in at reception to receive your welcome pack. The reception will advise you of your instructor and area you will be swimming in. You are required to fill out an enrollment form so remember to arrive a little earlier to help get settled in. This will also help your little one to adjust to the new environment. Each and every child is different in new surroundings so be sure to be supportive and believe in the process.


What are the benefits for my child to starting swimming early?

An early introduction to water helps to ease the anxiety of the swimmer at a later stage. Making children and parents comfortable in the water right from the very start will create a bond and love and respect of the water. That’s why we offer a free water education course for 2 and 3 month old babies and parents. University studies have also shown babies who swim from an early age reach their land based milestones much sooner than those who don’t. This includes numeracy, verbal and physically.


Can I change my lesson time when my baby changes sleep schedule?

Absolutely. You can change days and times at any stage. We understand as babies grow older, their sleep habits may change. Just login to our customer portal and submit a class change request by finding a class time that is more suitable in our schedule. If you need assistance, our team is always happy to help.


What if my child is regressing?

Throughout life, children, much like adults, will always progress, plateau & regress. We must always trust the process and remain consistent with the skills. Although some skills may take a little longer to accomplish, practice will always make perfect.


If you have any concerns, our friendly staff will talk to you in more detail as to how we can better achieve results.


What is your cancellation policy?

We require 2 weeks notice for a refund of your remaining credits. You must fill out an early exit form with reception or request it to be emailed to you. This helps us with quality control and processing refunds where applicable.


What if I can’t make a lesson?

Being a boutique swim school with extremely small class sizes, we require 24 hours notice in order to reschedule a class. This allows us to create the process in which we can fill your position with another reschedule. Reschedules are subject to availability. Your account must be in good standing to be eligible for a reschedule. 

You can use the Customer Portal to organise this.


How much do your lessons cost?

For up to date lesson costs please contact your nearest Little Snappers Swim School. We bill monthly for the month in advance.


What do I need to bring to swimming lessons?

Our facilities are very comfortable and have heated change rooms (when needed), hot showers, change cubicles and baby change tables. Please remember to bring the following to each lesson:

  • Your child's swimmers (under 3 years old please wear a swim nappy and swimmers over the top for double layer of protection)

  • If you are swimming with your child, don't forget your swimmers too!

  • Towel

  • Caps & Goggles if applicable - we carry a wonderful brand called Vorgee

  • Fresh clothes, fresh nappy, etc






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