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What is Metre Eater?

Metre eater week is an integral part of The Little Snappers program. The Little Snappers program has an emphasis on enhancing a child’s natural learning development based on repetition and movement while also giving them an opportunity to experiment in the water. We teach specific skills based on the child’s development & age. Metre Eater Week gives the children an opportunity to practice all the skills they have learnt in the first 5 weeks of term and put them into practice using their own muscle memory and inbuilt learning systems. 

It takes the human body about 10 minutes to warm up to an activity. In the case of swimming it is the body adapting to the fact that there is limited gravity involved and there are different forces of floatation at work. The opportunity to do continual movement for 20 plus minutes allows a child to adapt better to become more effective and efficient in their movement. It creates a better "feel" of the water. Some more beneficial points below:


  • JUST SWIMMING is the best way for children to learn. 

  • Repetition refines skills

  • Children correct their stroke for efficiency as they swim

  • Repeat starts increase wall push ability

  • Pull strength – Getting a feel for what propels them the strongest

  • Strengthens legs and kick

  • Streamlined starts

  • Repetition from point A to point B gains extreme confidence for non swimmers

  • Increases ability of breath control from continuous swimming

  • Gives children a sense of achievement and a benchmark for each term

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