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Marking 5 years of service with a campaign to end childhood drowning

Cairns, QLD (21 December 2016) - Little Snappers Swim School celebrates a weeklong 5th Anniversary with a 4-day Free Swimming Intensive program from January 10 to 13, 2017.

Little Snappers Swim School marks its 5th Anniversary with a FREE 4-day swimming intensive program the 2nd week of January at their Cairns location in Smithfield.  In light of the recent widespread drowning’s and near-drowning’s locally and throughout Australia, Little Snappers continues its campaign to end childhood drowning by giving the community access to free lessons.

The weeklong celebration of free services and events offered to the Cairns community further underlines the school’s mission for producing children who are safer in and around water. “Teaching children to swim is my lifelong passion” says award-winning Director Christine Dellit, who has been teaching swimming for over 35 years and serves on the Swim Australia and ASSA boards for baby & toddler swimming, “Drowning is the number one killer of Australian children between the ages 0-4 years old. As a community we need to come together to end these preventable deaths. I dream of the day when lessons become government subsidized, until then, we will continue to offer the community free lessons to help end childhood drowning”.

The weeklong celebration will also mark the launch of AQUAVOYAGE, an exciting new program by Little Snappers that combines child-led water play with sensory exploration. This innovative program, when combined with regular swimming lessons, further helps to create safer children.  Little Snappers invites the community to try AQUAVOYAGE for FREE on Monday 9 January 2016 with advanced booking.

And to kick off the weeklong celebration, Little Snappers invites all families of Cairns to join them on Sunday 8 January 2017 for an outdoor day of water play games, prizes, food and fun! A wonderful way to begin the New Year is giving our children the gift of life. And Little Snappers welcomes you to join them as they celebrate 5 years of teaching from the heart in Cairns.

About Little Snappers Swim School
Little Snapper Swim Schools are boutique aquatic education centres, specialising in small class sizes and a program developed from over 35 years experience. With an emphasis on child development principles, the rights of children in an aquatic environment, and teaching from the heart. From Newborns to Squads, their program has produced Olympians & World Record Holders. Family owned and operated.