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From 2 months to 36 months and featuring 7 different levels. Babies & toddlers are grouped according to age with a maximum of 5 students per class. Featuring an advanced class for swimmers who excel and a transition class to help toddlers ease into a class without mummy or daddy. And a free course for newborns and their carers.

Every Child is Unique. Every Child is Respected. 


AGE 3 - 6 MONTHS - free course
An educational & stimulating water familiarisation program for parents and their newborns. Created in conjunction with occupational therapists and experts in early childhood development.
Babies are born with a natural affinity for water. To enhance this relationship we have created this free program to encourage an early start to the life long journey your child will have with water.
This is the beginning of a wonderful aquatic journey. One that promotes stimulation, movement, touch, bonding, intellect, visual, audio and social, emotional & physical development, 
As your baby becomes more alert, enjoys socialization and is becoming a lot more interactive. They are developing crawling skills on land and their balance is becoming better. In conjunction with their land based milestones, we will further enhance these already present charactistics of their development in the aquatic environment. 


Our ever growing bubs are now becoming very mobile with endless energy. They are crawling, pulling themselves up on furniture, walking and climbing. In the early stages they can be experiencing separation anxiety. They understand more words than they can speak.. We encourage activities to provide them opportunity to explore. The child’s work is play and games, without knowing it, your bub is learning breath control, floatation, movement and safety.  



AGE 16 - 24 MONTHS
Your Toddler’s gross motor skills such as walking and running are improving. Their primary focus is movement and their need to control both situations and parents is astounding. Social skills can regress and this age can become assertive, power hungry and independent. Counting, verbal direction and constant activity will encourage skills including kicking, paddling and independent movement with a focus on safety. A challenging but exciting age.
AGE 25 - 36 MONTHS
Our ‘Kids’ bodies now become more proportionate, have less body fat, and have an improvement in their fine motor skills. They are stronger and able to swim longer. They will be able to coordinate arms and legs and some will be able to lift their heads to breath. It’s time for mum and dad or carers to take a step back and watch these little people develop into independent swimmers (with a lot of supervision and guidance as well as being there if needed). With a little more structure and skills working on straight leg kicks, paddle arms, change of direction and plenty of swimming, these champions will be ready to advance into the transition class ready to take on life without mum, dad or carer in the water.


AGE 16 - 36 MONTHS - advanced
Our Little Snappers Shell Breakers are exploding out of their shell! An advanced group of children who have breath control, floatation and independent movement. These children generally are able to swim and we are here to guide them and keep them moving. Children at this level need to be swimming the entire 30 mins of class. Our emphasis is teaching the child to be able to continuously lift their head out of the water to take a breath and continue swimming. While these children are physically advanced, parents are still in the water providing social and emotional support when the little ones need it as well as a little extra hands on in times of need. 


Socially and emotionally, these children are able to take instruction from the teacher. Parent will still be there but the children will now be taking instruction from only the teacher. The focus now is on being in a group, learning to take turns, respect and taking instruction from the teacher. The skills they have acquired are built on and different methods of movement are explored. Safety and the ability to be able to tread water are paramount.
AGE 24 - 36 MONTHS - parent on step
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